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The awards of the "hanterra Ceramic Competition", one of Turkey's important ceramic competitions, found their owners. The competition, organized with the theme of "Vase" in its third year, aims to remind of the importance of originality and quality in design and production.

Hanterra Ceramic Competition, which is held every year and will continue in the following years to support ceramic art, was held this year with the theme of "Vase". As a result of the evaluation, 27 works of 25 participants out of 298 applications were deemed worthy of exhibition, while Derin Sevil Bodur received the Achievement Award, and Ecem Akarlar Senturk, Aylin Gundogdu, Tunahan Acikgoz received honorable mentions.

The competition jury consisted of ceramic artist Tuba Onder Demircioglu, academician Prof. Ezgi Hakan, interior designer Ayhan Geveli, Italian ceramic artist and curator Domenico Laracà and British ceramic artist Anna Thomson. The jury members determined the works that will receive the award, taking into account the relationship of the works to the subject, suitability for their function, ergonomics, originality of the design, creativity and the technical qualities of the production process from start to finish.

The award ceremony of the competition was held at the Saint Michel French High School Jeanne D'Arc Exhibition and Concert Hall. The works that received awards and were deemed worthy of being exhibited were viewed by art lovers between 23 February and 9 March.

Derin Sevil Bodur - Achievement Award (on the left) Aylin Gündogdu - Mention (above left) Tunahan Acikgoz - Mention (on the right) Ecem Akarlar Senturk - Mention (bottom center and right)

hanterra Ceramic Competition which which is held to further popularize the ceramic art in Turkey and is open to the participation of everyone who lives in Turkey and loves ceramics without any restrictions, is sponsored by Sibelco, Colorobbia Art, Valentine Clays, Mars Hobby and Studio Kilns and Ceramila.

Founded in 2018 with the aim of bringing a different perspective to the ceramic industry and being quality and innovative, hanterra brought together manufacturers known for their quality worldwide and introduced some of the best ceramic materials to Turkish ceramic artists. Architect Elif Ozbay Sahan and construction engineer Kurtulus Sahan, founders of hanterra, which aims to achieve many innovations in ceramic art, said the following about the competition: “As in the rest of the world, there has been an increasing interest in ceramics in Turkey in recent years. We try to closely follow ceramic art and exhibitions abroad. The main reason why we started organizing the competition is to contribute to the visibility of products that are examples of original design and quality production in Turkey, and to explain how much effort and intensive production handmade ceramics require, and the uniqueness of each of them. We are happy to see that the competition has reached more people in its third year.”

All details about hanterra Ceramic Competition 2024 and previous years' competitions can be accessed on the website


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