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Bringing its' many years of expertise together with today's modern world, Geberit maintains its' nature-conscious strategy with sanitary system solutions that contribute to energy efficiency. Obtaining 46,1 percent of power from renewable energy sources in 2020, all 29 plants of of Geberit have ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in present.

Equipping the products offered to its' consumers with technology to reduce energy consumption and implement sustainable energy policies, the Swiss sanitary system giant Geberit takes the leadership of long term sustainability. Working out alternative solutions through calculating the increase in energy consumption and thus rising environmental awareness, Geberit is lowering down energy dependency with its' high technology products.

High energy efficiency with eco-friendly plants

Ensuring 9 percent of reduction in environmental impact in 2020 with its' products that make energy consumption efficient, Geberit leads green transformation with a decrease 7,2 percent in CO2 emission. Obtaining 46,1 percent of its' power from renewable energy sources in 2020 with regards to the energy demand and carbon emission which show an increase in recent years, Geberit precisely plans every phase of its' production. With ISO 14001 Environmental Management System present in all of its' 29 plants, it minimizes the damage to the environment. Encouraging to get green building certificates such as BREEAM and LEED with features like energy saving and low sound transmission, Geberit products are being manufactured in plants that values green ecology.

Geberit technology leaves high energy consumption behind

Remarking that they are working for many years in order to lower energy consumption to minimum levels, Geberit General Director of Turkey Ufuk Algıer said “As Geberit we're carrying out our works to ensure a 5 percent improvement in CO2 emissions each year within the context of eco-efficiency. We manufacture products with energy efficiency and offer innovational solutions to the sanitary systems market. Rather prestigious certificates such as European Water Label, Blue Angel and Water Rating Label which we got by these means, are meriting this strategy of ours.”

Reaching this technology protecting the water sources through its' R&D activities which takes 3 percent of its' turnover each year, Geberit builds up the green future with thrifty products that mind consumer's budget. Making the ecological balance possible with its' water-saving and easy-to-clean products, Geberit puts its' seal to works which add value to the nature thanks to the energy efficiency provided with its' reservoirs.


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