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Being the Pioneer of the newest trends in ceramic sector with a visioner point of view, NG Kutahya Seramik is going on to strengthen its’ leading position in the sector with the concept retail store approach. It opened the biggest store of the region in Ankara Polatli and the most innovational one in Ordu Fatsa.

Fastly advancing towards going-retail all around the world and Turkey with its’ investments, NG Kutahya Seramik has realized its’ 234th store opening in Ankara Polatli and 235th in Ordu Fatsa. Company’s new store going in service in Ankara Polatli, is qualified as the biggest ceramic store in that region. Established on an area of nearly 3 thousand meter squares, the store will present living spaces with innovative collection featuring the lead role and the biggest sized ceramics of the world.

NG Kutahya Seramik’s new store in Ankara Polatli is opened with a ceremony attended by the Polatli Mayor Mursel Yildizkaya, Polatli Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman Ulvi Sakarya and its’ new store in Ordu Fatsa with a ceremony attended by Ankara Deputy Sadir Durmaz, Ordu Governor Tuncay Sonel, Fatsa District Governor Omer Lutfi Yaran, Ordu Metropolitan Deputy Mayor Celal Tezcan, Trabzon Metropolitan Deputy Mayor Atilla Ataman.

Both demands and the consumption are growing as economy grows

Highlighting that they succeed at being a world brand of Turkey as Kutahya Seramik through the things they brought in new and they go on with firm steps to pursue this mission at the best way possible, NG Kutahya Seramik Chairman of Board of Directors Erkan Gural said: “Demands and consumption are growing as our national economy grows. Our habits are changing. As the population of our country increases, ceramic products is not only a part of construction anymore but became the complementary items of fashion now. As NG Kutahya Seramik, we have improved ourselves day by day with the investments we did in technologies, enlarged our sizes, gone ahead of global standards, taken a journey with ceramic giants. Our goal is to do the things never-done-before, pave new ways for us in this sector and always improve ourselves in these ways. We aspire after advancing towards being a brand of the world not only Turkey through making technological investments and increasing our capacity. At this point, we value accompany as much as consumption. We believe our new stores will make a great contribution to the construction sector of Ankara and Ordu.”

It will bring a commercial identity to new companies

Saying that they sped up the going-retail movement which they suspend in the pandemic, with the stores they opened in Ankara and Ordu, Gural continued: “With two new stores we reached a total of 235 stores in Turkey. We aim to increase the added value and employment we provide to the national economy with our retailing activities and take our country’s development level further. We’re very glad to strengthen our leading position in the sector through our retailing activities and bring a commercial identity to our new companies.”

NG Kutahya Seramik’s stores and showrooms newly going in service in Turkey, contain the firsts and bests for those who like to make a difference in their living spaces. Showrooms all around Turkey are drawing attention with their unique architecture and top level designs. The stores and showrooms displaying the newest and most innovative product creations, present not only the products abut also the living spaces.


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