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Kaleseramik's women's volleyball team, which has risen from the amateur to the Venus

Sultans League in three years, is entering a new period with a new structure. The girls of the

team, which ensured the establishment of volleyball culture in Çan, became the pride of the


The women's volleyball team, which was launched as a social club activity by Kaleseramik

employees in Çan, which has achieved an extraordinary success and jumped into the League

of Venus Sultans this year, is entering the new period with a new structure. While the club's

name changed from Kale 1957 to Çan Youth Kale Sports Academy Club, the management is

voluntarily transferred to Çan representatives.

General Manager of Kaleseramik, Altuğ Akbaş, who said that they will continue to support

the infrastructure and contribute financially and morally to the club, summarized the

developments in this regard as follows: “Our women's volleyball club was one of our modest

social clubs, founded by our employees at our Çan factory four years ago. However, we have

had a huge explosion of interest since its establishment. 400 girls applied for the

infrastructure selection. The 140 young people who auditioned put a tremendous amount of

energy into the scene. Kale 1957 amateur volleyball team, which we have established to

evaluate the talents, has won the right to compete in the Venus Sultans League this season as

a champion for three consecutive years. A very serious volleyball culture flourished in the

district in a short time. As the main sponsor, we provided all kinds of support to our club

during this time. At the point we have reached, there have been demands of those who want to

contribute to this success in the city, especially in Çan. As Kaleseramik, we have supported

the demands of the city representatives because we have prioritized take under protection, not

our ownership, as a result of our corporate culture.”

Akbaş who said that the women's volleyball team brought great social mobility to the city,

stated that the self-confidence and academic success of the children interested in this sport

were very positively affected. Expressing that they are pleased to make such a contribution to

Çan and Çanakkale in general, Altuğ Akbaş said,“Our support will always be behind our

club. As we continue to undertake infrastructure work, we will continue to contribute

financially and morally to our team that will compete in the league. In the new period, we will be proud of the new achievements of Çan Youth Kale Sports Academy Club, and on the other hand, we will work continuously to bring young athletes who leave the talent pool of Çanakkale to our national teams”.

With the handover ceremony, the new management of Çan Youth Castle Sports Academy

Club included: Murat Okan, Harun Arslan, Nilhan Ünver, Tuncay Göymen, İlker Haktanır,

Enver Çetin, Meliha Toprak, Kemal Yüksel, Ünsal Dirlik, Emre Alkan, Ramazan Sudurağı,

Mehmet Küçüktekeli.


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