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The Swiss sanitary systems giant Geberit putting its’ signature under technologies which minimizes water and power consumption with eco-friendly and durable products saving on resources, plays the leading role in the change intended for a more sustainable sanitary systems sector.

Making a great contribution to United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, Geberit offers a rich product range of its’ consumer for this. In addition to this, the brand, with water footprint, is able to measure where the whole 100 percent of water consumption is used. When water saving is in question, reservoir stands out as the key element in Geberit and compared to traditional washing systems the 38 million m3 water saving achieved with all double washing and discharge reservoirs installed from 1998 to 2001, is helping to protect the natural resources.

Geberit makes it possible for sustainable construction to be realized in several projects thanks to its’ products equipped with high technology and contributes to the protection of environment for realizing a water consumption of 908 thousand 407 m3 (925 thousand 230 m3 previous year) in whole production in 2022 . The brand reduced its’ water consumption by 22,4 percent compared to 2015 when integration is achieved to the vitrified are of business and acts sensitively on reuse of water especially in laboratory and production process. Through realizing its’ improvements intended for vitrified production where water consumption gets the biggest share with 80 percent, Geberit aims to reduce its’ water consumption in this area from 6,4 l/kg to 5,6 l/kg until 2024. Geberit increased the electricity share generated from renewable energy resources by 27 GWh and to 112 GWh ,n 2022 which made it generate more than 70 percent of its’ electricity from renewable energy resources and certified green production by the end of 2022.


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