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Personalizing the living spaces with the products designed based on high engineering power, Geberit maintains its’ environmental policy in production and all other processes. The brand has reduced their carbon emissions by 38 percent since 2015 and aims to increase this ratio up to 80 percent.

Improving its’ product and work processes on energy efficiency day by day with the value given to sustainability, the Swiss sanitaryware giant Geberit is taking steps that protect and cure the environment. Implementing a comprehensive action plan involving the protection of resources, energy and carbon reduction, smart water management, green logistics and building concepts, Geberit assists the protection of the ecological balance.

Geberit consistently implements its’ ecological design principle to product development and this way is able to bring forward-looking operations into life. And its’ production process which makes every product ecologically better than the last one, is proof of the weight given by it to sustainability. Allowing for hassle-free use for many years, the Geberit products contribute to sustainable building and environment protection in projects.

5 percent carbon emission reduction every year

Implementing strategies intended for reducing carbon emissions and carbon footprint, Geberit updates its’ latest approach every year and continues to protect the environment. Developing its’ work processes with the principle of reducing carbon emission by 5 percent every year, Geberit aims to reduce its’ relative carbon emissions by 80 percent as of 2035 compared to 2015.

Geberit continues to make improvements every year with the precautions taken towards water consumption which takes the lead among the subjects focused. Focusing on reducing water consumption consistently both in production and product use processes, Geberit take precautions in the water generating processes and at reuse steps in laboratories. The innovational Geberit sanitaryware products assists on systematic optimization of water consumption in buildings. Geberit’s two-stage washing system with 38 million m3 water saving compared to traditional washing systems, is improving the water consumption and process since 1998. Keeping on its’ R&D studies intended for environment protection, Geberit provides minimal water and energy consumption with its2 products and taking green steps for a more habitable future.


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