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Shaping the living spaces with product ranges that have no equivalent in world and in Turkey, E.C.A. meets all the needs with its’ Spylos Series including 8 different faucet types. Series also contributes to sustainability by featuring water saving functionality as a principle.

Developing its’ products environment-friendly and a sensitivity for a green future, E.C.A. brings innovative solutions to its’ users with the Spylos Series including 8 different bath and kitchen faucets. Apart from its’ functionality, Spylos has a simplicity that’s cleared from details and addresses various different user preferences with designs where round lines meet with aesthetics. The series significantly reduces the daily water consumption and enable thrift and the faucets in the series can be used for long without problems thanks to their high quality material.

Diversified according to the needs of users and developed with 3 alternative designs, Spylos series comprises of the sink faucet, sink faucet with swing pipe and sink faucet with swan pipe. While the sink faucet is designed for minimal dimension and fixed use, it allows for 8 liters of water flow amount per minute under 3 bars of pressure. Faucet with swan pipe harmonizes with the decoration of the environment with its’ elegant look and its’ discharge end allowing for a 360 degrees rotary discharge makes it easy for use. Faucet with swing pipe stands out with its’ long discharge end rotating by the body and provides full protection against calcification thanks to its’ lime-breaker aerator function. On the other hand, faucets’ structure that enables water saving, assists in protecting the nature.


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