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Creating a unique design language through determining user needs of all ages, Geberit is turning bathrooms into fun spaces for kids. Developed completely for the special needs of kids and adjustable according to bathroom conditions, Bambini bathroom series combines hygiene training with plays thanks to its' safe and attractive design.

The color scales used in Geberit's Bambini series is composed of main colors. These color selections give catchy visual warnings to kids and creates a colorful world apart from a bathroom and cleaning area. Special sinks manufactured from highly durable material in the series, encourage kids to brush their teeth while having fun. The upper sink can be filled fully with water with a detachable top plate. Washing areas can be adjusted to needs and space conditions for kids with different lengths and can be used for activity purposes as sinks and play area. Thanks to washing areas being at a short distance from the wall, kids can easily access and have moments of pleasure.

Resembling cartoon characters, Bambini faucets are presented as a visored baseball cap to make kids' hand washing experience more fun. Designed with a single controller, photoelectric cell and electrical, faucets take hygiene to maximum in preschools, kindergartens and hospitals.

Design support to toilet training

Bambini toilets with kid-friendly height and equipment, plays an important role in kids' toilet training. Floor toilets having a lion foot design and with a toilet cap looking like a frog, offers a fun experience not only by its' look but also in terms of use. Kids whose feet cannot touch the ground at sitting position, can easily put their feet on the lion foot design of the toilets. Wall-hung toilets with their 2 types and floor toilets with their 4 types are helping the toilet training of kids. And for babies, low-height toilets can be preferred in the series.

Offered with 40 and 80 liters options, Bambini kid bathtubs provide a hygienic bath pleasure with their antibacterial feature. Bathtubs manufactured from solid materials, are standing out with their structure durable against impact and scratching and feature of being able to be used on counter.


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