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Ceramic artist, academician Hakan Baskirkan, heading out from a brick stumbling on his foot, has chased the remnants of urban transformation. Artist have used the bricks he collected over time as ready objects and turned them into pieces of art and he presented these works in the “Urban Transformation 2nd Stage”.

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramic Department lecturer Assoc. Prof. Hasan Baskirkan’s exhibition, “Urban Transformation 2nd Stage”, is viewed between 31st January – 17th February in Istanbul Tophane-i Amire Culture and Art Center’s Sarnic Gallery. The 1st Stage of the exhibition has been held in Eskisehir in July. Artist talked about his story of heading out for this theme as follows:

“Everything began with a brick stumbling on my foot inshore one day. First I got angry then I looked and said “how beautifully the sea tide has shaped this brick”. And I found one more just a meter away and one more just upby. Then I couldn’t stop thinking if the digging out of urban transformation was being poured out to the sea. Who knows how much life experiences were there? To whom these brick and tile remnants have become a wall, a roof, a shelter once upon a time? From where did they come to this shore? Then these brick and tile remnants has been of a special interest to me and I chased them and looked for them wherever I go inshore. I realized that I had a considerable archive.

And I thought these heroes of urban transformation, these bricks and tiles have deserved to turn into an object of art. I wanted to contribute to the nature and environment both by somewhat supporting the cleaning of sea pollution in my own way and by putting waste materials into good use. I turned these ready found objects that were shaped by the sea with great mastery for I couldn’t do in such a sketchy but excellent way and I put up the walls and build up the roofs with Egyptian clay…”


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