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The second personal exhibition named the “House” of Lecturer Dr. Dicle Oney from Sakarya University Faculty of Art Design and Architecture Ceramics and Glass Department, was opened in Pintura Art Gallery located in the Urla district of Izmir on the 10th of September 2022. There were twenty works meeting with the audience in the exhibition that lasted fifteen days.

TWO Houses (left), Paradise (right)


Objects has undergone a change throughout the historical continuum and turned into representation items which designates the human’s social status and position among the community they involved in. Objects that are a part of an house like the house itself, doorstep, door and the door handles today are interpreted only by their functional aspects as ordinary items of a daily life. Whereas in almost every era of Anatolia’s ancient history, these objects have been a representation of people’s religious, gender, economic and social status and continues to be a rich source of inspiration for today’s researchers and artists both by their level of aesthetics thanks to the excellent craftsmanship and the meaning they bear and their stylistic diversity while fulfilling their functions. Dicle Oney take cue from this historical background and associates it with subjective history thus has technically personalized the ceramic and expressed forms of mass in their straight shapes with linear details in her second personal exhibition the “House”. Oney is addressing the most basic and primal sense of self of human, emphasizes the past interpretations of these daily life objects and brings forward questioning questions regarding the present.


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