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In the festival organized to raise awareness for the protection of Bandirma Kuscenneti (Bird Paradise) which's a unique heritage of nature, there's also an interdisciplinary group exhibition titled "Like a Bird - Hope". The common wish of the artists participating in the exhibition, is make the birds in the mind apparent by taking a cue from birds, the wonders of nature.


The 32nd of Bandirma Kuscenneti Culture and Tourism Festival hosted an interdisciplinary group exhibition titled "Like a Bird - Hope" between 20th September - 7th October. Curated by Prof. Zehra Cobanli, the exhibition is opened in Bandirma Tunc Basaran Cultural Center. Bandirma Mayor Tolga Tosun was also present in the opening together with the artists.

The exhibition's motto was “If art is a jubilant flow, a free perception, flying it up Like a Bird from excitement to excitement... If our glasses are utterly different like ants' view to the sky and birds' view to the earth... Then its' time to set off in time".

Artists participating in the exhibition comprising of works of ceramic, glass, painting and genuine printing are: Zehra Cobanli, Aysun Diniz, Rengin Solmaz Sonmez, Ayse Guler, Tulin Ozturk, Derya Geylani, Leyla Kubat, Sibel Sicimoglu, Filiz Agılonu, Demet Uzgur Atay, Muge Bayer, Donus Cicek, İlkiz Colak, Elif Damlarca, Saime Hakan Donmezer, Dilek Ercal, Bahri Gulac, Sezin Turk Kaya, Nurhan Kiyik, Zeynep Kurtulus, Dilek Orten, Remzi Ozkara, Nilgun Salur, Gunsu Saracoglu, Mehmet Sumbelli and Kerem Tan.

Elif Damlarca,Transformation Filiz Ağılönü,Bird Portraits Nurhan Kıyı, Towards the Clouds

Being a wonder of nature, Bandirma Kus Cenneti's uniqueness and whole beauty was a significant starting point in shaping the exhibition. It brought nature-lover artists together to raise hopes and hold on to the life with the birds theme and come together with the healing power of art. The wish of all artists is to make the birds in minds apparent by taking a clue from the nature's beauties the birds which are on the trail of water with their tenacity and unbelievable instincts. Organized by Bandirma Municipality for years, this festival contributes in raising a sustainable awareness to keep this unique heritage of nature alive and to protect it.

Aysun Diniz, Birds Müge Bayer, Heron In the Lake

It's important to remember those who we need to protect to make freedom sustainable; our water, our earth, our nature... The natural events we experience in the world are now different from seasonal effects... And just being aware is not enough. Birds are making us remember that we need to protect the water, the earth, our home, our earth... With the hope of shedding a light to the future on the free wings of birds…


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