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Continuing to expanding its’ product range with the investments made in R&D process, Geberit, with New iCon, Bambini sink faucet, Geberit ONE and Nemea, is manufacturing different solutions that fit for the consumers’ needs. Integrating technology with design with four new products, the brand is indwelling its’ quality to today’s and tomorrow’s world with the elegance it creates.

Meeting the demand of its’ consumers with its’ innovative engineering power, Geberit ensures the transition of modern living spaces. Bringing more strength to the architecture; and with the Geberit New iCon offering more storing spaces, the Bambini sink faucet offering fun hygiene experience to kids with the elegance of chrome, the Geberit ONE bathroom furniture having the first horizontal outlet sink in Turkish market and the Nemea suiting various bathroom types with its’ nine different sizes, the brand is shaping the world of today and bringing total appeal to living spaces with its’ innovative power.

More storing spaces and color varieties: Geberit New iCon

Geberit New iCon is offering to the consumer to create his/her own unique bathroom with a creative furniture type and accessory diversity and is standing out with its’ design addressing the current trends. The product has more storing spaces with its’ wide drawer space and offers various color options with its’ sink cabinets having ergonomic holding grips. While the flat long cabinet door with a wide door opening makes it easier to access the cabinet, it also enables a functional use. Being able to make the assembly of all cabinets easily and safely, gains saving on time for its’ user.

Fun hygiene for kids: Bambini sink faucet

Bringing a new breath of fresh air to the bathroom experience, the new generation member of the Bambini series, the chrome covered Bambini sink faucet brings a new view to the hygiene development of kids. The product minimizes the possible hazards which may occur in the bathroom for kids thanks to its’ functional design and prevents the excess hot water flow with its’ minimal sized thermostat. Easily fitting with colorful bathrooms with the elegance of chrome color, the chrome covered Bambini sink faucet comes with battery and electrically operated options according to the user’s needs.

The first horizontal outlet sink in Turkey in Geberit ONE

Enabling more space, flexibility and cleaning opportunity in whole of the bathrooms, the Geberit ONE is leading the way in Turkish market with its’ horizontal outlet sink. With its’ drain down not being at the middle area, prevents soap and water splashes. The product has strong technical details and its’ drain system with a horizontal view makes a difference by having more than 10 parts involved in it. While the lighting technology of mirrors and mirror cabinets works in different modes on their own to ease out the use of bathroom at daylight and night, stone and marble-look counters bring resistance to heat, scratches, impacts, water and stain forming.

A first in Turkish market with its’ matte white option: Nemea

Enriching its’ acrylic material structure with its’ glossy white option, the Nemea’s matte white option is bringing new grounds to the Turkish market by being a first. Nemea is fitting the different types of bathroom with its’ 9 different sizes and offering practical solutions for living spaces. The product can be mounted as a shower tube at ground level and on the other hand can be leveled up from the ground with special mounting sets. Nemea’s square and rectangle options gain appreciation by its’ user and its’ strong structure offers a safe shower opportunity.


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