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Ceramic artist Gozde Aylis Cicek’s sculpture exhibition named “Familiar Faces, Different Spirits” has been viewed between 17th March- 8th April in Gallery Selvin Arnavutkoy. Graduated from the Erciyes University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramics and Glass Design Department, Cicek continues her works in her workshop in Kayseri.

Faces often hide our expressions and behaviors. This is revealed in individual’s course of creation. Creative achievement turns into and ends up as a manifestation through performing processes. To reveal the creative achievement one needs to be in a concern status. And these concerns continuously go on to be present in our lives.

In works where sorrow and happiness, wealth and poverty come out as a concern, images rising from concerns come to a frozen state. Although these images seem like they’re aparted from reality, they hide many circumstances behind them. In this sense, body, body expressions and the moment have an important place in these works. At the same time, many expressions stuck in these moments are in a silent state. Could these silent and frozen expressions state any other thing than entreaty and sorrow?

Faces are the silent witnesses of all verbal attitudes. Figures always look familiar on every face we encounter like they have made memories. Isn’t it the very essence itself of our figures that stuck in time that actually makes life desirable?

Gozde Aylis Cicek


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