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Leading brand of Eczacıbası Building Materials, VitrA has been granted the TPM Excellence Award given by Japan Based JIPM (Japan Institute of Planned Maintenance) that’s in service for the purpose of making institutions and organizations to achieve high efficiency and quality in production.

In VitrA’s ceramic sanitaryware production facilities in Bozuyuk which has been granted the Excellence Award, studies that have been started in 2015 as “Total Productive Maintenance Management”, is later extended to involve all processes. Under the studies defined as Total Productive Maintenance Management (TPM), VitrA aims for zero error in production, quality and all work processes and continues to shape the quality criteria of the industry with its’ competencies and determination on process improvements.

Eczacıbası Building Materials CEO Ozge Ozkan said “Quality is a value we don’t often mention about and engraved in our company’s DNA, becoming almost a reflex so to speak. With every step we take we naturally asses this criterion and I sincerely congratulate all VitrA employees for TPM Excellence Award approving this criterion in accordance with international standards.”

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance Management) Excellence Awards has been started to be given in 1964 by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM). JIPM, within the context of TPM Excellence Awards, assesses institutions and its’ employees in pursuant to criteria such as efficiency and quality in production, nullifying errors, improving work processes, nullifying occupational accidents, stock reduction and increasing discharge performance. What’s also considered in the audits conducted in line with this, are achieving all determined goals, success achieved in employee participation, equal and balanced distribution of TPM techniques in all processes, employees’ determination and sense of ownage, consistency of implementations.


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