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Climate change being felt more and more every day and the raising awareness, are changing also the habits. According to a research, every other person buys sustainable products. And Seramiksan Director M. Sureyya Caglar also says that they manufacture according to sustainability criteria.

The climate crisis beginning to be felt more every day, is continuing to change the consumer habits. In the Global Consumer View Pulse Survey made by PwC regarding this subject, only one out of three people (35 percent) prefers sustainable products to help protect the ecology in 2019, while in the same research repeated in 2021, it’s found out that every other person (50 percent) make their choices towards sustainable products. The increasing product preferences intended for ecology, is guiding the sectoral trends and particularly the work processes of companies doing B2C business.

Remarking that the longing to nature directly influences the decoration trends by spending more time indoor particularly at homes especially during the pandemic, Seramiksan Director M. Sureyya Caglar said. “A space is opened for green at homes in every sense. Users who tend to grow plants indoor more, have put elements regarding the nature, natural products and eco-friendly choices forward in their living spaces. As they fell the impacts of the climate change more and more, the consumers understood that nature hasn’t got a second option, are now demanding sustainable products in every area. And decoration is setting off the first step of this change.”

Sustainability becomes a life style with tiles

Stating that sustainable business model is a criteria for today’s business World, Sureyya Caglar continued his words: “But of course, ‘green awareness’ doesn’t mean leaving a comfortable life back. In our products which we integrated sustainability into, we offer a product range that’s durable with their materials and practical and comfortable with their cleaning both for home and business owners. As Seramiksan, we bring the beauty of wood onto the durable porcelain surfaces thanks to our modern press techniques. This way, we both protect the nature and turn our products into a design element and meet our consumer’s aesthetical needs.”

Caglar also informs that they have a nature and environment oriented wide product range and underlined that they are designing environment-friendly series since 1994. Sagano, Monte Verde and Classwood porcelain tile series are the company’s collections which they reflect the colors of nature both onto the floors and onto the walls.


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