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By sun making its' heat felt, the season for renewing decorations is here. Those who design their living spaces again, are focusing on the reflections of colors on their moods before making their preferences. And Seramiksan brings the energy of colors to the rooms with its' tile and vitrified series.

Psychological effects of colors are also guiding people in their preference of decoration elements while designing their living spaces. According to the results of a study with about 5 thousand people from 30 different countries declared by Verywell Mind, 43 % of the participants associates white color with relaxing and airiness while green drives satisfaction in 39 %. When black mediates more than half of the participants to correlate with blues, on these days of spring making its' presence felt, orange color evokes cheer in almost one in two people (44%). Seramiksan brings its' rich color palette to the living spaces with its' tile and vitrified series and remarks both the mental and physical effects of the energy of colors.

Seramiksan Marketing Manager Gorkem Helvacioglu says “Colors has a power that can change mood in people. Such that, colors of the objects around us from the apparels we wear to the car we use and the objects in the office and at home, are determining our mood that day. So as Seramiksan, we bring the energy of colors to the surfaces with bumpy series and to the bathrooms with our Aura sink collection. This way, we are addressing various different aesthetical tastes and moods as well as turning the living spaces into comfortable rooms.”

Seramiksan's Bumpy series with 10x30 or 10x40 cm sizes, has 11 different color options. Among these colors are white, black, mink, light grey, anthracite, ash blue, coral, grey, sage green, mustard, cream and yellow. Accompanying the tile series is the Aura sink collection which's comprised of color options such as matte & glossy black and white, orange, red, green and brown.


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