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Despite the tough economical period Ege Seramik didn’t set aside from making profit distribution to its’ shareholders. The company, which conducted its’ general meeting in June, has transfered its’ 2019 activities to its’ partners and shareholders.

Ordinary General Meeting regarding the 2019 financial year of Ege Seramic A.S. was conducted in June in Izmir, Kemalpasa. Activities carried out in 2019 has been transfered to partners and shareholders. Following the resolutions taken in General Meeting, the Ege Seramik A.S. Board of Directors has been restructured.

Not breaking the groove and continuing regular profit distribution to its’ shareholders also in this year, Ege Seramik A.S. Board Chairman Murat Polat said in the statement following the General Meeting: “Despite the incidences of the tough economical periods last year, we have relentlessly continued to offer our products to both national and international markets and improved our strenght in the sector even further. As usual, Ege Seramik, with its’ fund of knowledge and experience, has again easily overcome the challenging times this year. We’re proud that without breaking our groove, we distribute profit to our shareholders this year too.”

Murat Polat also mentioned about the change of positions in Ege Seramik: “With the resolutions we took last month in the Board of Directors, we have made the assignments of our valuable directors of different tasks within our group companies who contribute on our ever growing success rate. In the assignments made in May, we appointed our company’s General Manager Dear Goksen Yediguller to the Operation Group Presidency and General Manager of one of our group companies Ege Vitrifiye A.S. Dear Merter Savas to the Ege Seramik General Directorship. I wish further success to our directors.

In the General Meeting we also planned some changes in our senior management level and management boards in the new period. In these changes, lucky us, we still continue to work together with our invaluable directors this time in different tracks. While our Board of Directors Member Ibrahim Fikret Polat becomes the Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors, Ibrahim Polat Holding’s CFO Dear Nilgun Aytekin and Operation Group President Dear Goksen Yediguller will take part in our Board of Directors for the first time. I would like to thank Ibrahim Polat Holding’s CEO Dear Baran Demir on behalf of our company for serving in our Board of Directors for many years and having great roles in our company’s strategical decisions and milestones. We will continue to get his help and support also in the upcoming days as our Holding’s CEO.

I also would like to thank, on behalf of the whole Ege Seramik family, Dear Bulent Zıhnalı who has served in many positions in Ege Seramik A.S. for 45 years and made great contributions to our company since the foundation to its’ way to this important state right now. With his vision and experience, he will continue to give his support to our company as our Board of Directors Management Consultant in the path afterwards. In addition, by including our Holding’s CFO Dear Nilgun Aytekin in our Board of Directors, we further embraced our faith on the positive value women add to business life. Thus we’re glad to assure our title of being one of the companies with the most woman members in their board of directors.”

Murat Polat also gave his thanks to all the employees there who they had overcome all the difficulties together with as Ege Seramik family. “Despite the even tougher conditions and situations world has faced this year, with our fund of experience of more than a half century we carry forward the processes without loosing strength and with our evergrowing vision and renewing structure we keep on our productions on solid steps. I would like to thank all our employees who are a part of this family and these successes and which I feel the devotions and efforts of all the time. Together, we will continue to keep and further improve our brand’s strength and our company’s successes.


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