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Within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic that has a deep impact all over the world, Ege Seramik took measures and registered its’ reliability with the “TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate”

Since the early days of the pandemic spreading all over the world when it has not been seen in our country yet, the company has taken all the measures in the whole process, working areas and production facilities to protect the health of its’ employees. Performing out all the measures taking part in the Covid-19 Hygiene, Infection Preventing and Control Guideline prepared by TSE under the leadership of Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ege Seramik has certified that it goes through this period in the most correct way.

The company gives trainings to all its’ employees to ensure an awareness is established in social distancing rules and it continuously keeps on developing to maintain these conditions and bring them to safer levels. It continues to manage these tough times without having a break on production activities and maximumly protecting the health of its’ employees.

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