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One of Turkey’s leading ceramic manufacturers, Ege Seramik has been founded by Ibrahim Polat in 1972 on the 9th of September, the exact date of Izmir’s Independence Day. Celebrating its’ 50th foundation anniversary, the brand preserves its’ claim to be the address of fashion in the ceramic sector.

Ege Seramik has been founded by Ibrahim Polat in 1972 on the 9th of September and begun its’ journey that’s half a century old. With its’ consistent investments by 90s weighted particularly on infrastructure, technology, design and quality standards and its’ tenacity for growth and innovations brought to the sector, it became one of the most important actors in the construction sector.

Being the leading company under Ibrahim Polat Holding’s roof today, Ege Seramik has been a Pioneer with the groundbreaking innovations it brought to the ceramic sector at every milestone since the day it was founded and became one of the most valuable brands of Turkey providing high employment with its’ products that turn domestic raw material into an added value. With its’ several innovational designs that are in parallel with global trends, addressing the global tastes and taking turns in the sector, it preserves its’ claim to be the address of fashion in the ceramic sector.

Ege Seramik Chairman of Board of Directors, Murat Polat narrated as follows; “Witnessing half a century of Turkish industry, developing and renovating itself since the day it was founded, our brand Ege Seramik made its’ 50 today. I’m very glad and proud to leave this 50 years back full of successes and firsts”.

And he added: “Our brand is competing in the domestic and global markets today and took its’ power from its’ experience, human resources and its’ continuous investment and sustainability manner. Ege Seramik is a huge family with strong bindings with its’ management, employees, workers and business partners and that creates value for its’ society and nation with its’ value added products. This family concept forms the basis of our values. In the name of Polat Family, I owe gratitudes to everyone from the highest level executives to our employees and business partners elaborated at all levels who have contributed to our brand and company in this half a century period”.

And he finished his speech as follows: “Our company’s foundation anniversary coincides with the date of 9th of September, the Independence Day of Izmir, the city of the lands it was founded on. Hereby, I also celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 9th of September, the symbol of the independence and salvation of the Turkish nation under the leadership of the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Like in the past 50 years, Ege Seramik will keep on its’ activities that will provide added value to its’ country and continue to proudly serve the Turkish Nation for many years in the future”.

50 years old values of Ege Seramik

In the collection product designed in special for the 50th anniversary and including symbols which represent the company’s values, Ege Seramik has also given a place for a message regarding its’ half a century journey:

“For exactly 50 years, Producing with the STRENGTH AND BLESSINGS OF THE EARTH, providing added value to its’ homeland, taking its’ power from ceaselessly WORKING, STRONG, TRUSTWORTHY and SELF CONSISTENT like the sun rising again each day, FAIR and EQUAL in communication and sharing, able to turn its’ face to the sun by OVERCOMING ALL THE DIFFICULTIES at all conditions, offering the whole world UNIQUE products which BEAUTIFIES THE COLORFUL LIFE and having strongly established roots with its’ employees and business partners, We are a HUGE FAMILY.”


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