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Asel Teknik aims to provide more efficient and quieter ventilators to the industry with the silent series it has developed by completing the R&D studies it initiated in the manufacture of ventilators.

Asel Teknik has offered a new perspective to the dust collection filters with its new generation hybrid dust collection systems: CycloJetVortex bag and CycloJet Tor cartridge series. Now, the company initiates a new era in ventilators. Identifying most of the fans used in the industry operate at higher sound levels than desired due to the design errors, Asel Teknik has succeeded in completing the R&D studies to address the problem that causes discomfort for the employees.

Asel Teknik officials have stated that in fact, noise and efficiency are two inversely proportional parameters; efficiency increases by reducing noise. Officials have stressed that the sound level can be loweredwhen the airflows are designed correctlyin the design of the ventilators. Thus, it increases efficiency. As a result of Asel Teknik’s R&D studies, the sound levels of the fans developed under the name CycloVent have determined to be 10 percent lower than their equivalents.

With the increasing competition in the industry, the efficiency becomes more and more important every day, the fans which are the constant need of different production processes, take a big share both in the noise levels and the electricity consumption of the enterprises. It is emphasized that Asel Teknik has made significant improvements for these two parameters with the new CycloVent ventilator design. Stating that Turkish Industry should provide support with all production branches on technical issues such as efficient and quiet ventilator production, Asel Teknik officials also point that they will continue to work in their own production areas such as dust collection filters and ventilators with a vision that is open to continuous change and improvement.


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