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One of the leading industrial groups in Turkey, Ece Holding continues to grow with new investments. The company, which currently employs 1250 people, will create employment opportunities for 250 more when its new investment in Corum is completed.

Attaching great importance to the development of Anatolia, Ece Holding plans to activate two new investments in the Corum Organized Industrial Zone in the last quarter of 2021. The company sets an example for other manufacturers that a company that opens up to the world from an average Anatolian city like Corum and does business worldwide by fulfilling the requirements of economics and management science. Ece Holding, which has opened a new horizon to entrepreneurs who have the same courage with their goals such as providing added value, increasing production and creating employment, will create employment opportunities for 250 more people when its new investment in Corum is completed in 2021 for this purpose. Erdem Cenesiz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding, stated that they expect an increase in exports to be 18 percent in 2021.

In 2013, Ece Holding bought the half-century old company Isvea, which is among the top 10 manufacturers in the Italian market, and introduced it to the Turkish sanitary ware market. Today, Isvea products under the roof of Ece Holding bear the signatures of successful designers and design studios of Italy, the leading country in the field of vitrified ceramics. The USA-based Phoenix Venture Capital Investment will also become a partner in Isvea’s sales, marketing and distribution business in Turkey. With the agreement made, Ece Holding will have a 92% stake and Phoenix Capital will have an 8 percent stake in the partner company established in the distribution of Isvea in Turkey.

The Holding also succeeded in manufacturing the imported machines of Genitec, which operates in the field of technology and machinery production, for the vitrified ceramics industry, in Turkey with its R&D studies. Currently, ceramic machines produced by Genitec in 12 different countries continue to produce.


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