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Developing innovational products to save the nature and our natural resources, E.C.A. focuses on time and saving with its' Time-Adjusted Fittings. The series particularly addresses communal spaces and aims to avoid water loss with time control.

Meeting the hygiene demands increasing with pandemic with their next generation technologies, E.C.A. creates their design language according to hygiene and saving topics. E.C.A. Time-Adjusted Fittings represent a culture needed to be passed down from generation to generation in terms of ecological sustainability and harbors a system providing water-saving for the protection of our natural resources. Having a mechanism that closes off after giving water within a specified period of time, the series aims to avoid water loss for paying no attention during use with time control. While products continue to give water in a specified period of time, they close off when that time ends. When you want to take water again you have to press the button again. This way, waste water flow is prevented. Water flow time of Time-Adjusted Fittings can be adjusted between 0-40 seconds. One of the biggest advantages of this product group is having no surface contact to carry on hygiene after hand cleaning.

Time-Adjusted Fittings draws attention also with their designs and can accommodate various styles of bathrooms, toilets and sinks with their minimal lines. In order to allow a safe and comfortable use, ergonomic features in all details are standing out.


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