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Aiming at minimum space use with its’ ergonomical and elegant design E.C.A. Niobe Series offers easy use in kitchen and bathroom spaces with 14 different products. The washbasin and sink armatures of the series ensure saving on raw-material with their minimalist designs and look out for our natural resources with their water-saving features.

Bringing technologies developed in line with environmental-awareness to the sector, the washbasin and sink armatures of E.C.A.’s Niobe Series are drawing attention with their ideal ergonomics in kitchen and bathroom spaces. 14 products of the series with different features, are being produced in line with integrity principle, the harmony of each piece of the products with each other creates a feeling of continuity and becomes the subsidiary element of the aesthetical look of the spaces.

Like in all of the E.C.A. series, there are products featuring water-saving also in Niobe Series. This saving is not only bringing economic benefit to the user but also offering contribution on protecting natural resources against the running out risk of water resources.

What’s included in the Niobe Series are the washbasin armature which’s granted with Plus X design award and produced according to the stationary use, swan piped washbasin armature with outlet end that can rotate 360 degrees and built-in washbasin armatures with various toilet options. E.C.A. washbasin armatures can also be preferred for crowded places such as schools, cafeterias, restaurants and workplaces as well as their domestic use.

Ensuring a significant gain of space usage with their minimal bodies E.C.A. Niobe Sink Armatures allows for easy use with joint alternatives at the outlet end and the outlet ends that can rotate 360 degrees. Having also an option of applique sink armature which can be mounted on wall E.C.A. Niobe Sink Armatures are being offered to users’ taste with 3 different designs.

And as E.C.A. Niobe Built-In Washbasin, Shower and Bath Armatures can be used in various spaces such as homes, gyms and hotels, they bring aesthetics to these spaces with their eye-catching looks.


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