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Dear Readers,

Our world is unfortunately going through a difficult period of time for more than 2 years. Like other sectors, we as ceramic sector have also use the opportunities and endeavor to be least affected and work and produce with all our strength despite the risks in this period deeply affecting both our economy, our way of doing business and our way of living. We know that we can no more bring back the old and aimed at going our way we will be keeping on our works in this accepted situation.

We planned to hold the UNICERA International Ceramic, Bath and Kitchen Fair between 02nd-06th October 2021 which's very important for our sector and our country. Despite the negativities of the global pandemic, in a sector with great contributions to our Added Value, our fair is the one that gathers ceramic sector under one roof with more than 1,200 brands introducing their innovational products, and it expects a vast amount of domestic and foreign attendee visitors regardless of the negative process we're going through. With goals of establishing important business connections for the development of our sector, ensuring the projected visitor attendance and constituting procurement committees, we believe it will be a fair worth for our country.

For all that, world is running and continuing and like in some sectors, some compelling conditions are keep raising for also the ceramic sector. In EU and USA, damping investigation probabilities against Turkish Ceramic Coating Materials are on the carpet. I'd like to point out that we will be meticulously working and researching on this matter. On the other hand, there's this European Green Deal topic. It's an important topic for our country and our sector like all over the world. A study which EU is not only limiting with its' own geography but involving a global scale transformation. If we can make the required preparations in advance and manage the risks well, we can turn this transformation into an advantage as a country. We will be needing a well prepared route map for this. We will be conducting the required studies in close contact with the Ministry of Commerce. There's not a technology in the world for ceramic sector that manufactures without any carbon emission yet. That's why, the forthcoming change is indicating a process we will be living through together with the world. Without a doubt, those who head on early in this, will be advantageous.

Dear valued readers,

We came to this day with your support and trust to our sector. We provide added value to national economy and always continue providing it. On this wise, I'd like to sincerely thank you and with all my heart wish to meet in the future where we meet face to face with our stakeholders and contribute the development of our sector.


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