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A design competition has been organized by the Turkish Ceramics Society at the intersection of art, design and craft to promote the production of quality ceramic souvenirs.

30 works deemed worthy to be exhibited in the competition have been put on display at the CraftIstanbul Handicraft Fair held at the Avrasya Show and Art Center. Three designs selected from 30 works have been qualified for the first, second and third place awards. Nahide Tan has ranked first, Seyfullah Büyükçapar has taken the second place and Aylin Alkan has taken the third place. The winners have received their awards at the ceremony held at the fair.

First Prize included 1200 Cº test furnace worth TL 6,000, Second Prize 1.450 kg vitrified casting clay worth TL 1,750 and Third Prize 800 kg casting clay worth TL 1,300.

First Prize: Nahide Tan Second Prize: Seyfullah Büyükçapar Third Prize: Aylin Alkan


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