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Dear Readers,

Whole world confronted 2022 with drastic developments that necessitate change and transformation in several sectors. There’s also the Russia-Ukraine war along with the post-Covid new era adaptation, which has affected our sector and production indirectly.

The increasing costs in energy, markups in natural gas prices and shortage of raw material supply, affected our sector in a very negative way. Despite all these difficulties, ceramic sector has achieved to grow by 22,5 % in 2022 compared to last year. Prepared by economists with the support of the Turkish Ceramics Federation, the first half results of the 2022 ‘Export Contribution Index of Turkey’ is declared. According to the index, the construction ceramics finished the first half of the year at the top with an export contribution rate of 22,89 and made a contribution of 732 million dollars.

As a notable event for our sector and country, the UNICERA International Ceramics Bathroom Kitchen Fair will be opening its doors in Istanbul Expo Center between 07th-11th November 2022. A considerable number of local and foreign visitors is anticipated to attend this fair which will be gathering the ceramics sector we have under a single roof within a sector with great contributions to our added value and where over 1200 brands’ innovational products from domestic and foreign participants will be introduced. We believe this to be a fair that befits our country with such goals in our mind for notable business contacts to be established, targeted attendance to be achieved and procurement committees to be set up for the sake of our sector’s progress.

Design has a significant role in the success of ceramics, glass and cement sectors partaking among the most important industrial branches of Turkey in terms of the added value they create. Thanks to our strength in production and design, these three sectors are offering great contributions to our country’s high added value export. While Turkish designs are a pride for all of us, it makes our market share to grow bigger even in countries which we were not able to export to in the past years.

As the one and only coordinating exporters’ association with over two thousand members and with the XONE Design we organize in line with our strategy to open up our designs to the future and to the world with a genuine identity, we have once again proved our strength.

Organized to lay emphasis on the privileged place of modern ceramics art among other art disciplines in our country that keep the thousands of years ceramics customs alive, the International Ceramics Biennial will be held in Bursa between 20th October- 22nd November 2022. Under this Biennial organized by the Turkish Ceramics Association (TSD), TSF’s inestimable ceramic collection will also be meet the attendees with the title “On the Trail of Time”.

Our Dear Readers;

We made to these days with your support and faith in our sector. We provided will always continue to provide added value to national economy and. On this wise, I thank with my sincerest feelings and with my heart and soul wish to see you soon in the days to come when we will be meeting with our stakeholders face to face and contributing to the advancement of our sector.

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