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Beginning to get popular as a means of expression in ceramics, the first well-rounded exhibition of 3D printers will be opened in Bursa in October. With Emre Can’s curatorship, the artists will send their works for Dataism International 3D Ceramic Exhibition as data files and these works will be printed in the 3D ceramic printer manufactured in Seyh Edebali University’s Ceramic Department.

3D printers started a new dialogue between digital world and clay not so long ago and resolve the need for making a model in ceramics thus opened and area for direct production. The 3D printer manufactured for ceramics has been tried and developed by many artists, designers and manufacturers who are important in their area and now began to get popular as a means of expression. With the advancing technology, the fast pacing support of 3D printers to digital design, gave inspiration to an exhibition. With the curatorship of Bilecik Seyh Edebali University Faculty of Fine Arts and Design Ceramic Department lecturer Emre Can and the project coordinatorship of Huri Aykut Ulker, the “Dataism” International 3D Ceramic Exhibition will meet the audience in October.

Artists to take place in the Dataism exhibition will send their works as data files and these will be printed in the 3D ceramic printer manufactured in Seyh Edebali University’s Ceramic Department. These works will be exhibited first in the Art Gallery of Bursa Chamber of Architects and then in the Bilecik Seyh Edebali University’s gallery. There will be the works of 14 artists in the exhibition including 2 foreign artists to participate in. With this exhibition we will witness the works of art that are structured and worked up as data and manufactured with zero-touch. With the potential of forms on 3 dimensional ceramic print and artist interventions, we will be able to watch the limits of how this technological production can be directed. Within the context of such an exhibition created with all these information, while we will get to know the artists who have experience with 3D printers in their area and the works they produced, it will be ensured for these artists to meet with ceramic students to narrate their knowledge and experiences.


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