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While Turkey is fighting against the biggest forest fires of its' history in summer times, Kaleseramik gave its' support to disaster areas in Antalya and Mugla by sending special container baths.

Initiating the #TakeCareOfYourWorld movement intended to leave a better world for future generations, Kaleseramik has prepared urgently needed 6 fully-equipped container baths in a short time and sent them to disaster areas. Compromised of shower, toilet and infant care sections, container baths are delivered to Mugla (Kenkercik, Koycegiz, Marmaris districts) and Antalya (Alanya district).

Kaleseramik General Director Altug Akbas spoke as “We're in a century where respect to nature and environment has gained much more importance than ever before. We all have important responsibilities to carry the wealth we have along to the future. As Kale Group, starting from this point of view, we initiated the #TakeCareOfYourWorld" movement. In this period we're passing through, we again see how much important this movement is. The fire in our forests burning right before the eyes, hurts so bad in all of our hearts. Our forests that become breath to us, are burning into ashes one by one. What's burning is not only the forest but also our children's future" and said that they will be continuing to manufacture these special-made containers for other disasters too.


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