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Offering eco-friendly and sustainable solutions in production processes, Kale Banyo has received the European Water Label certificate that’s realized with the thought of protecting the world water resources and preventing wastage.

The label will raise awareness in water consumption which is one of the most important issues of today and it will be used on all of Kale Banyo products brought into being with next-generation design philosophy such as domestic production fixtures, photocell faucets and all Cold Start products. With this label classified to be valid all around Europe, consumers can perspiciously have information on how much water and energy does Kale Banyo products consume.

Saving-oriented, environmentalist and innovative designs of Kale Banyo will now show consumers how much water and energy do the products consume with European Water Label. The label will be used on sinks, kitchen and high sink faucets of Mare, Trevi, Verde, Nova, Sempre, Basics series, high sink faucets of domestic production photocell fixtures such as Inova, Reno and Sempre and on all Cold Start products of Kale Banyo.

Mixing water with air and ensuring a silent and perfect flow quality thanks to the flow regulator, domestic made fixtures and Cold Start products with their low water consumpitons of 5 liters per minute and the domestic made photocell fixtures with their low water consumption of 1,9 liters per minute, are making a great contribution to water-saving.

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