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Kale Seramik, Kumas Magnezit and Yurtbay Seramik companies made a presentation under the title of "Good Practice Examples" at the Environment and Energy technical committee meeting consisting of Turkish Ceramics Federation member representatives.

Elif Gokhan from Kaleseramik, Ceren Bayoren from Kumas Magnezit and Tugba Gulgun from Yurtbay Seramik companies and businesses; explained their exemplary practices on issues such as environment/energy management systems, renewable energy, energy efficiency, industrial symbiosis, waste management, recycling, and occupational health and safety.

Ceren Bayoren from Kumas Magnezit company gave general information about the definition of sustainability, sustainable development, EU Green Deal, EU Climate Targets, EU Emission Trading System, Border Carbon Regulation Mechanism. Following her statements on the Turkey Green Agreement Action Plan, Green and Circular Action Plans and Green financing, she talked about Kumas's activities on Sustainability. She briefed about Corporate Footprint, Product-based Carbon Footprint, Product whole life cycle analysis, EPD, Water Footprint, projects within the scope of EED, Sustainability Reporting, Solar Power Project studies, occupational safety and social interaction studies.

Yurtbay Seramik’s representative Tugba Gulgun gave information about sustainable water management, Environmental Label, Environmental performance, EPD Product Declaration, Low Emission Product certificates- indoor air quality, corporate carbon footprint studies after giving information about Yurtbay Seramik.

Elif Gokhan from Kaleseramik gave information about Waste Heat Recovery, Example of Use of Waste Heat in Greenhouse Facilities, Hydrogen Valley Project, Sustainability Performance Tracking, Sinterflex product, Cura Tiles sample products, EPD and Green Guard certificates under the heading of Certifications.

These presentations, organized by TSF under the title of Good Practice Examples, will be continued with different member companies.


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