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Colors Group's "Owl" themed ceramic exhibition met the art lovers this time in Afyon. Organizing their exhibitions on different colors every year, the group has focused on the "Owl" theme this time. The exhibition where 40 artists participated with 63 works, is watched during the whole March.


Organized by the host of Afyon Kocatepe University (AKU) Fine Arts Faculty, the "Owl" themed ceramic exhibition comprised of the works of the artists who are members of the Colors Group, is opened in the AKU M. Riza Cercel Culture and Art Center. Those who participated in the opening ceremony were the AKU Assistant to Rector Prof. Dr. Suayip Ozdemir, AKU Fine Arts Faculty Deputy Dean Prof. Dr. Selcuk Akcay, artists, academic staff and art lovers from Afyonkarahisar.

AKU Assistant to Rector Prof. Dr. Suayip Ozdemir spoke in the opening of the exhibition as follows: “I congratulate the Colors Group which we are hosting the "Owl" themed special exhibition of in the Riza Cercel Culture and Art Center and additionally thank those who make contributions in the preparation process of the exhibition.” And Prof. Sevim Cizer informed the attendants about the activities and exhibitions of the group and talked as follows: “We're together again after a 2-year break. Colors Group is keeping on their exhibitions since 2015. We made exhibitions on different colors every year. These exhibitions have been organized in various universities and in various cities. This exhibition is opened with the Owl concept beyond colors for the first time. I congratulate all my friends and thank all those who contribute to our exhibition.”

63 works of 40 artists were standing out with their different approaches to the Owl theme. Every artist has projected both their own artistic production and a new way of expression to their works and presented their works to the audience by combining them with different shaping, adornment, decoration and firing techniques. This exhibition was also proving once again, how rich the ceramic production possibilities are.


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