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The Colorobbia Group celebrates one hundred years of excellence (since 1921), a period during which the family-owned company has distinguished itself for Italian creativity and international innovation.

From the Italian parent company, Colorobbia Group - under the leadership of the Bitossi family - has continued to grow worldwide through design and research and now it reached over 2,000 employees and many customers worldwide.

The digital transformation of ceramic companies is developing at a rapid pace and the digitalisation of production processes is bringing countless advantages in terms of differentiating the technical and/or aesthetic properties of the finished piece.

Together with leading machinery manufacturers, OEMs and their customer networks, Colorobbia Group actively contributes to product development and start-up of emerging technologies. Among these technologies, digital glazing is the one that features the greatest progress today and, for this reason, Colorobbia Group announces its own set of FORMA digital glazes, already approved and certified. With this range of glazes, Colorobbia Group offers its customers the possibility of creating extremely realistic stone and marble models, natural woods with ceramic characteristics and a wide range of cutting-edge details/finishes. Within this innovative dynamic trend, Colorobbia Group presented in the recent Open Houses several projects, already industrialized, using the FORMA series of digital glazes, demonstrating to the market their performance in true production conditions.

Digital glazing achieves maximum flexibility and efficient management, even with small production batches, so that high resolution reliefs and micro-reliefs can be obtained, in perfect synchronisation with colour graphics/digital effects, even from flat surfaces. This technology also makes it possible to achieve high added value and 3D effects that do not alter the final properties of the floor/wall tiling. In addition, this technique allows the application of different water-based glazes with similar characteristics and properties vs. conventional glazes without any particular limit to weight discharge, also minimising waste throughout the process.

Ceramic production lines are becoming more and more compact and productive, so customers are increasingly betting on digitalisation at all stages of the decoration process and the final result is also more sustainable as a whole. With this in mind, Colorobbia Group, together with the FORMA digital glaze set, proposes a set of solvent-based digital EkO inks, whose emissions minimise the environmental impact, allowing for more sustainable 100% Full-Digital projects.

Colorobbia Group has always been paying attention and giving value to all aspects related to the protection and respect for the environment, both in the production processes and in the marketing phase, caring for its customers, who are its top priority - today more than ever.


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