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Being the only R&D center in Turkey that serves for ceramic sector in Turkey in general, the Ceramic Research Center is celebrating its' 25th year. Founded by TUBITAK program in 1998 and later incorporated, CRC is in collaboration with about 90 percent of ceramic manufacturers today.

Founded in Eskisehir in 1998 under TUBITAK's University - Industry Common Research Centers Program (USAMP), the Ceramic Research Center (CRC) turned 25. Incorporated in 2007 under the partnership of 19 partners operating in ceramic sector and the equal partnership of Anadolu University and got a university-industry partnered structure, the CRC is in collaboration with about 90 percent of ceramic manufacturers in Turkey today and the only R&D center that serves for the sector in general.

CRC is founded for the purpose of establishing collaboration network between the companies operating in ceramic sector and universities and through this collaboration network and in line with industrial and technological developments, conducting research and development studies on subjects needed by the ceramics industry and supporting industries and works to provide know-how on these subjects.

CRC provide technological support and education and training services to the sector; by organizing seminars, conferences, panels and similar meetings and issuing educational/informational publications and recently organized an online training titled "Writing and Spreading Activities Intended For Efficiently Concluding The Research and Development Processes: Project, Patent and Article" between 8th-9th June 2023 as part of its' 25th foundation anniversary.

Serving as the R&D Coordinator and Chairman of the Ceramic Research Center since 2010, Prof. Dr. Alpagut Kara has assigned his office last year to Prof. Dr. Servet Turan. Eskisehir Technical University's Material Science and Engineering Lecturer Turan is continuing his duty.


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