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Changing the atmosphere of spaces with its’ innovational color and patterns, Bien added a new one to its’ innovative works with its’ 7 mm thin new ceramic tiles. The ceramic tiles are reducing the use of resources and the load on structures with their thinner and lighter form and standing out with their eco-friendly features.

Developed with special recipes using less raw material as a result of the 18 months of long R&D study, 7 mm new tiles provide several advantages both to their user, operator and to the nature by enriching it. Designed with optimization studies, these thin as a wafer ceramic tiles contribute for a more habitable world in the future with benefits like efficient use of raw materials, less waste and energy consumption during production process.

Produced with 20-25 percent less raw material use per meter square, the 7 mm thin ceramic tiles consumes less energy also during the firing process. It also reduces the box and pallet use again with the advantage of its’ thin form and provides saving on paper and wood. And transferring more amount of product at one go, greatly contribute to reduce the logistic costs and fuel consumption.

With their thinness and lightweight, the new ceramic tiles make the application process easier too and bring in economic operational advantages such as lower use of adhesives. They reduce the load on the structures thanks to their light form and minimizes the rate of ceramic fractures and cracks caused by the flexions occurring in the structures.

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