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One of the most important actors of the Turkish and global building sector, Bien is ranked at 243rd in ISO 500. Ranked at 291st in the previous year, the company managed to rise 48 ranks above with the achievements it made.

One of the important ceramic manufacturers, Bien is reaping the fruits of the investments it made by being ranked in the prestigious sector lists. Bien is ranked at 243rd in ISO 500 showing the Turkey’s biggest 500 companies declared by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ISO) since 1968. With 991 million 292 thousand liras of sales from manufacturing in the previous year, the company was ranked at 291st and with 1 billion 991 million 851 thousand TL of sales from manufacturing in 2021, it raised its’ ranking 48 points up.

Rising rapidly in ISO 500

Bien Director Serkan Onem made evaluations regarding this and said: “As Bien, we make our manufacturing in our factories in Bilecik and Bozuyuk. We’re in a solid position in the market with more than 130 authorized dealers and over 3 thousand 500 points-of sale inside Turkey. With our globally awarded designs and more than 100 product collections, we have a yearly production capacity of over 50 million meter squares. We export our products to nearly 70 countries in 6 continents. Along with all of these achievements and efforts, being ranked in ISO 500 is further making us proud. Having a place in a list full of technology, defense, aviation and automotive companies of our country manufacturing high technology and added value products, and rising 48 ranks above compared to the previous year, is further amping up our motivation and faith in our business. With an increase of nearly 1 billion liras of sales from manufacturing we achieved this year compared to the previous one, we carried our ranking in the list from 291 to 243. But this isn’t enough for us either. In order to further raise our ranking in the list, we are stepping up our investments focusing on the future needs of our sector such as R&D, human resources, technology, digital transformation and P&D”.


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