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One of the most important actors of the Turkish and global building sector, Bien continues to meet with university students as part of the “Bien Academia”. Meeting with about 100 university students in 2021-2022 academic year, Bien will keep going these meetings also in this new year.

Making a mark with its’ pioneering identity in design and environmentalist approach, Bien is meeting with the architects and architect candidates of future with the Bien Academia it established and preparing the youth to the future by communicating the dynamics and professional specifics of the ceramic sector. As part of the Bien Academia; meeting with about 100 students with the presentations and conversations of the Bien Brand and Communication Manager Ali Naci Ulku and Bien Head of Technical Services Cenk Senotay, Bien will also create a solution for the qualified human resource issue of the sector with the internship program that’s planned to be brought into life.

Telling that they take their power as Bien from the youth, the Bien Director Serkan Onem talked as follows: “With Bien Academia, we became a pioneer for the industry-university collaboration and on the other hand touch to the lives of our youth. With our meetings, we help students to come together with the sector representatives during their school years and make them to take one step further in their career journey. Likewise, the sector representatives are meeting up with young ideas and guide their product, training and human resources projections. We’re planning to bring an internship program soon in order to expand the area of influence of Bien Academia. With this internship program, we will be focusing on the qualified human resource and experienced staff issues of the sector. Our goal in our internship program, is to give the requirements and trainings necessary for the sector to the students. We also mean to develop university-sector collaborations and gain the students to employment in a short time after their graduation”.

They will keep going in the new academic year

The Bien Brand and Communication Manager Ali Naci Ulku said: “With Bien Academia, we met up with about a thousand students from several universities over the year. In line with this, in the first period of the 2021-2022 academic year, we got the chance to meet with about 400 students from the architecture, interior architecture departments of Istanbul Technical University, Kultur University, Okan University and Samsun 19 Mayis University. And for the second period we met with the students of Gebze Technical University, Marmara University, Medipol University and Beykent University and made it possible for the students to gain an insight about the sector apart from their academic educations. As part of the Bien Academia, we’re going to meet with many students from several universities also in the next academic year and further strengthen the industry-university relations”.


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