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Ceramic artist Nalan Danabas's exhibition titled the "Night and Day" opened in Galeri N in Bursa included her works that turns into the metaphor of things happening between sunset and sunrise in the contrast of white and black.

Head of Ceramic and Glass Department of Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Assoc. Prof. Nalan Demirbas's exhibition titled the "Night and Day" opened in Galeri N in Bursa, is viewed between 26th April - 9th May.

The exhibition’s curator Nazli Pektas mentions about the conceptual context of the works as follows: “The night which is at the center of the works in the exhibition, in the contrast of black and white, turns into a metaphor happening between sunset and sunrise. The continuum we exist in by holding on to the cyclical rhythm of the earth, joins together in company of the night and the day. White is the dialogue and existence and black is the traces it lefts behind. And the umbilical cord and tablets are the images that tries to make a sense of the night and day between the mother and the child. While the bond established represents a silent and continuous dialogue, it creates a relation between the carrier and the carried. The traces of the entity that holds on to the body, is persistent on one hand and is the manifestation of consciousness on the other hand.”


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