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As an unchanging solution of personal hygiene for centuries, the body and spirit relaxing bathroom experience continues to develop with user expectations today. Adding value to the living spaces with its’ wall-step engineering power, Geberit addresses all the needs and tastes with the shower and bathtubs it designed.

Making use of the researches which demonstrate the bathroom habits of consumers while creating its’ designs, Geberit paves the way for comfort with its’ shower and bathtub solutions. Geberit Turkey Product Manager Nazan Seremet said “As Geberit we offer a wide product range to our consumers with the solutions we create to satisfy the bathroom needs. And while doing so we make use of the current researches and develop strategies intended for this. When we examined the research made by the Consumer Researches Association, we see that bathroom is an important place of seclusion for 41 percent of the survey participants. Bathroom plays an important role for relaxing for 70 percent of the participants. According to another finding of this research, 70 percent of those over 55 years old say that personal hygiene is important feel themselves younger. These data we obtained greatly contribute to our innovational point of view.”

Factors affecting the shower and bathroom preference

Seremet mentions about the factors affecting the users’ preferences of shower and bathroom and continued her words: “The structural situation of the bathroom comes at the first place among the important factors affecting the use of showers and bathtubs. While bathtub usage rate has a higher share in bathrooms with no space problems, practical shower solutions are the preference in bathrooms with smaller space. Alongside this, the cultural differences of the country is another factor affecting this preference. For example, when we compare Turkey and Europe, we see that bathtub usage rate in Turkey is not quite popular. The effect of bathrooms on the decoration is also affecting the consumer preferences. While shower solutions create a dynamic effect in bathrooms bathtubs makes a better-settled and more stylish expression.”

Safe nonskid surface

One of the shower solutions of Geberit, the CleanLine shower canals brings a modern look to bathrooms with its’ open surface and practical lid. The new member of the series, CleanLine80 offers a total solution with the inclined structure, anti-scratch coating and integrating profile in its’ design. Being featured as a first in Turkey with its’ antiskid surface, the Olona shower tray shows a superior performance with its’ antiskid surface that’s ranked up from class B to class C pursuant to DIN 51097:1992 and XP P05-011 standards. And the Nemea shower tray with an elegant look, is presented with glossy and matt white options.

Bathtub for those who enjoy spending time in bathroom

Geberit has also bathtub alternatives for bathrooms with free space. In favor of organic and geometrical shapes in its’ SlimRim design, the Tawa acrylic bathtub provides a minimalist and comfortable look. Standing out with its’ elegant and fine design, Tawa’s structure manufactured with acrylic material, brings the hotness and relaxing feel quicker than steel bathtubs. Besides, its’ back rest makes it possible to lie down and relax with its’ ergonomic shape. Developed for a relaxing bathroom experience, the Supero bathtub suits the contemporary and simple bathrooms with its’ clear lines. Standing out with its’ curve detail which brings out the geometrical form in narrow sides, the Supero’s flush out and overflow can be optionally adjusted to the middle section at the long side or the narrow side.


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