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VitrA Design Team has developed innovative tile systems to encourage the use of color in the bathroom. With the new design approach, where different textures and colors can be used together safely, bathrooms that challenge time can be designed.

The color combination system mode that VitrA has built on four color palettes creates bathroom spaces that reflect the style of its user. The moss gray and lava red in the first color palette create spacious and energetic bathrooms. Clay beige meets emerald green and becomes the address of peace and security. Terrarosa and sapphire blue tiles activate emotions when they come together. When the gray of natural stone is completed with amber yellow, warm spaces are born. The mode, which offers system, color and tonal variety to enrich the combinations, is also compatible with other tiles of VitrA.

VitrA, focuses on geometric forms among the universalized traditional patterns of different geographies in the retromix tile system, where it reinterprets traditional tile patterns. The trace of the past is reflected in the wall tiles in ethnic colors that also feel handmade. Developed as a system that will respond to changing expectations regarding space design, retromix makes a difference with the harmony it catches with other collections of VitrA, as well as its own color and pattern combinations.


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