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“IKU Career Honorary Awards", organized for the 5th time this year by Istanbul Kultur University (IKU) Career Club, found their owners. Atolye Kale project, which was implemented by Kaleseramik with the aim of strongly supporting women's labor and increasing the number of women entrepreneurs, received the "Organization Supporting Women, Education and Employment" award.

The "IKU Career Honorary Awards" ceremony was held at the Akınguc Auditorium and Art Center in the Atakoy campus of the university. The proceeds of the award night were donated to DOSTEV Down Syndrome Association.

Kaleseramik Architect Communications Manager Duygu Ekinci received the award on behalf of Atolye Kale, which was deemed worthy of the "Organization Supporting Women, Education and Employment" award. Ekinci said, “As a company born in these lands, we always act with the responsibility of 'achieving better for our people'. Our esteemed elder, the founder of our group, Ibrahim Bodur said: "Take care of your core values ​​that make you who you are. Because they will keep you standing like the roots of a tree". Inspired by this, we attach special importance to social benefit activities that will contribute to social development. Women's employment is one of our priorities in this field. Atolye Kale, which we established in our factory in Can district of Canakkale, which is one of the steps we take to benefit society and our people, excites us all with its successes." 

Atolye Kale is one of Kaleseramik's social benefit projects. The project was implemented in Kaleseramik's factory in Can with the aim of supporting women's labor and increasing the number of leading female entrepreneurs in the economy. Each tile of the 'Red Globe' at the heart of the Ataturk Cultural Center was handcrafted one by one at Atolye Kale. In addition, brands such as Homemade Aromaterapi, Touline Ceramics, Pinar Yegin, Matla, Magnol, Mazu Studio and Masuma Ceramics, whose founders are women, as well as kitchen and bathroom group products produced by women in the ceramics workshop in Can, are offered to consumers. Every product sold through the Atolye Kale platform contributes to the education of girls and supports the training of strong women of tomorrow.


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