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Purposed for the meeting of all sectors with art for a better future, the “Art in Industry Festival” was organized in last October in Anadolu OIZ. Being held as parts of this event, the GencIz (YoungMark) Student Exhibition, Korean artist Kim Yongmoon’s personal exhibition and Kim Yongmoon’s and Kim Hyekyoung’s performance drew quite an attention.

Assoc. Prof. Mutlu BASKAYA

While we’re getting closer to the 100th year of the Republic and because of the reason of being the 99th year of Ankara’s declaration as the capital city, between 13th-16th October 2022, in Anadolu Organized Industrial Zone/Temelli, as part of the Art in Industry Festival, two exhibitions and a performance was held with the participation of Hacettepe University FAF Ceramic and Glass Arts Department. The GencIz (YoungMark) Student Exhibition which I serve as the curator of, our Department’s Lecturer the Korean Kim Yongmoon’s personal exhibition and the performance called Origin performed again by Kim Yongmoon and Kim Hyekyoung, were quite remarkable in this festival.

Planned for all sectors to be able to meet with art in a common ground for a better future, the Anadolu OIZ Art in Industry Festival; is organized under the presidency of Anadolu OIZ Chairman Huseyin Kutsi Tuncay and the participation of Atis Fair Company Chairman Bilgin Aygul. Gathering up artists, industrialists and art lovers, the beginning of this event gave a different impulse to the capital city of Ankara.

GencIz (YoungMark) Exhibition Left A Mark

Youth’s view of life, easy adaptation to new things, courage, energy, creativity and their hopes to change the world, is always more than the other segments of society in every era. And today it’s not different; they’re the ones to shape the future and they’re also the ones who we left the world to… Politicians, scientists, artists of future will be from the generation Z.

Those who born by the end of 1990s and in early 2010s are considered to be the age- range of the generation Z. Young people who are enrolled in university right now are in this generation. In the Presidency Elections which coincides with the 100th year of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, 13 million young people will vote. Generation Z voter’s ratio in 2018 elections was 7 percent but now this ratio goes up to 16 percent and will play a more effective role in the upcoming elections. And this means they will have higher voice in the country’s governance.

They’re preparing to leave a bigger mark in socio-cultural life. And “GencIz” (YoungMark) exhibition was comprised of the works of Mutlu Baskaya – a graduate of Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramic and Glass Arts Department – that she created when they were 3rd and 4th grade students. In addition, 3 more people of T. Emre Feyzoglu’s postgraduate and proficiency in art students, also took part in the exhibition. These young artist candidates who have words to say about life, world and art, projected themselves on their works. The marks they left on while they’re shaping the ceramic clay, were the precursor of the marks they will be leaving in life in the future. As years will go past, each one will indwell their own style and go after a different aesthetic approach. And the education they have in the school will also leave a big mark in their formation.

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