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Canakkale Ceramic's FormArt collection brings art and crafts on a single surface. Embracing nostalgia, the moment and the future at the same time, the collection aims to reason out the classical styles of design through the intellectuality of the modern world.

Formart Atria

Canakkale Ceramic continues to bring new meanings to living spaces with its' sustainable products and innovational designs. The new Formart collection is waiting for consumers in Kale stores to bring new dimensions to senses and touches to houses. Bringing the classical and modern lines together, the matt surfaces of the Allure in the Formart collection, has 5 different color options and 3 different modules. Designed with inspiration from the traditional Turkish ceramic colors, the crackle glazed pentagonal formed tiles of the Atria series, make their elegance felt in all the atmospheres they exist.

Hand work surfaces treated with craftsmanship brings vividness to the spaces. Formart collection addresses those who desire to make a difference in design, with Heritage. Reinterpreting the traces of the past for modern spaces, the product provides a chic look with hand work metallic and shiny surface alternatives. And thanks to the golden and platinum decor options of the Vanity series, a timeless fashion possesses the surfaces.

Nature-respecting products

Formart Heritage

The powerful ceramic tile brand of Kaleseramik that certified its' eco-friendly production approach and as a first in ceramic industry, got EPD certification for all its' products, Canakkale Ceramic continues being the symbol of trust and experience of many years.

Producing environment friendly products with inspiration from nature and the Take Care Of Your World movement, Canakkale Ceramic's wall, floor and counter gap ceramic tiles provides an easy-to-clean use and create a healthy environment especially in places with wet area.


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