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The third stop was Mugla for the “Air-Line Distance” event that started with young academicians and artists producing in ceramics discipline from various places of Turkey, overlap the distances with air and come together.

Organized with the host of Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village, the “Air-Line Distance-III” exhibition was brought into life in Erdinc Bakla Art Gallery in April. Created together by Betul Karakaya, Hasan In and Gokce Ozer Eroz, the Air-Line Distance event is planning to bring the latest art works together with the art lovers and students far from big cities interested in ceramic art. It has been started with young academicians and artists from various regions of Turkey who produce in this discipline and spread their wings to the audience, overlapping the distances with air and coming together. This journey that purposes to shorten the distances with art, now became an anticipated event like a seasonal migration. Organized firstly in Erzurum and secondly in Kayseri, the event’s stop was Mugla this time. Works of 32 young artists and academicians was displayed in the exhibition, focusing on narrations and production forms different from each other.

Air-Line Distance-III have brought together the works of; Havva Eker Aktas, Pinar Baklan, Gokce Uysal Baser, Emre Can, Ayse Canbolat, Halil Ibrahim Cakir, Bahadir Cem Erdem, Gokce Ozer Eroz, Kadir Erturk, Mujde Gokbel, Can Gokce, Ezgi Gokce, Aykut Alp Gurel, Esma Burcu Sereli Havasi, Hasan In, Duygu Kahraman, Betul Karakaya, Sirin Kocak, Mehtap Morkoc, Nizam Orcun Onal, Didar Ezgi Ozdag, Bugra Ozer, Serkan Ozer, Betul Aytepe Serinsu, Eser Sensilay, Setenay Sipahi, Hasan Numan Sucaglar, Gamze Boz Sulusoglu, Fidan Tonza, Oya Asan Yuksel and Ismet Yuksel.

Gathering together the native and foreign art lovers and welcoming the audience in Dibeklihan, the digital catalogue of the exhibition can be accessed via .


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