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Arik Levy, a versatile artist, technician, photographer, designer and video artist, worked with the VitrA Design Team to create the Voyage collection. The collection, which Levy likens to a tool bag, adapts to changing needs with its parts that can be easily added and removed.

The Voyage collection, created by Arik Levy and VitrA Design Team working together, stands out as VitrA's richest collection with more than 130 items. Thanks to its parts that can be easily added and removed, it allows changes in line with the needs of the user. While the designer Arik Levy likens the collection to a tool bag, “The bathroom, where the most humane individual experiences are experienced, deserves a personalized space. That's why we have created a creative system for users looking for a unique space. Think of the bathroom space as a blank canvas, ready to be designed. Users can create unlimited combinations with Voyage's rich color, material and size options”.

The system, which lives with its user by adapting to changing needs and desires over time, minimizes the risk of making mistakes with its easy applicability. Offering both horizontal and vertical placement in the bathroom, Voyage goes beyond modularity and challenges the ordinary bathroom layout. From hangers to shelves and cabinets, all open and closed storage solutions can be divided into parts according to preference or needs and can be positioned anywhere in the bathroom. Since all items are designed to be used by mounting on the wall, it can also meet the needs of small and inconvenient spaces. Voyage has two color alternatives and tones such as sandy wood, natural oak, matte white, beige, flaming gray and forest green stand out. Voyage washbasins, which are the perfect combination of bowl and washbasin, bring high-level hygiene and easy cleaning feature to the bathroom with their ceramic surface.


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