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Serel’s Nita Series; stands out as a rich bathroom set with options of washbasins with shelves, bathroom furnitures, various toilet alternatives, traditional and Serel Purewash washing systems.

Ceramic sanitaryware manufacturer Serel, brings a different meaning to bathrooms with the Nita Series in its’ product range. Consisting of 11 different products as washbasin with shelf, toilet, toilet cover and bathroom furnitures designed specific for the series, the Nita Series offers traditional and SEREL Purewash washing system options and can address different demands thanks to its’ rich product range.

In these days of pandemic where hygiene concept gained importance, the Hygiene + technology of the Nita Series, offers maximum cleaning and saving together. While the series is easy to use at home by the end user it’s also preferred in communal areas with dense population and top prominence on hygiene such as schools, restaurants, cafeterias.

Designed to offer solutions for different demands, Serel Nita Series has obtained the Zero Waste Certification granted by the T.R. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and proved to all its’ users that it adopts environmental sustainability. Serel also looks out for hygiene in all of its’ products with Covid-19 Safe Production & Safe Service Certifications.


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