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Opened in August inside the Odunpazari Arasta Bazaar, the City’s Fire Odunpazari Ceramic Gallery has a special place by being a living gallery. The gallery is open to everyone from young and old alike and offers its’ guests to become acquainted with sludge.

Prof. Aysegul TUREDI OZEN / Odunpazari City’s Fire Ceramic Gallery Art Consultant

In the International Eskisehir Odunpazari Ceramic Firing Techniques Workshop which’s started to be organized in 2015; I’ve taken part as a Guest Artist in 2017, as a Guest of honor in 2018 and as a Consultant in 2019. During these times, many works of several local and foreign ceramic artists, have been brought in to Odunpazari Municipality’s collection. It became an ever-growing desire and necessity after each workshop to collect and exhibit these works under a single roof, meaning that to establish a gallery. The Odunpazari Mayor Adv. Kazim Kurt didn’t remain deaf to this and the place he showed inside the Odunpazari Arasta Bazaar, was decided to be the “City’s Fire Odunpazari Ceramic Gallery”. The building was a restaurant and a hotel until December 2021 and to turn it into a living gallery, we began working with a young, hardworking and experienced administrative and technical staff.

City’s Fire Odunpazari Ceramic Gallery; is constituted of the entry, the first and the second floors. In the entry section; there’s the Basic Ceramic Workshop where guests from young to old alike who are expected to visit the gallery, will experience the excitement of becoming acquainted with sludge. And in the expanded section of the entry, there are the kilns and tools and materials about ceramics. In the rooms at the first and second floors, the collection works of the Odunpazari City’s Fire Ceramic Gallery are being exhibited. The Private Exhibition Room is planned to allow artist and artist candidates to open daily-timely exhibitions. In the artist rooms, guests will witness a ceramic artist’s process of creating his/her work/works, see the working environment up close and be able to meet and talk with the artists. In the room organized as the Sorkun Room; they will closely see some pot examples which are the traditional value of Sorkun Neighborhood (village) of Eskisehir’s Mihaliccik District and also witness their story for creation together with photos. While touring the gallery, our guests will be able to go for a walk among the rooms separately colored with the hues of fire and earth almost like they’re in workshop environment of the City’s Fire and witness the excitements experienced during these processes. Odunpazari City’s Fire Ceramic Gallery; will be open to guests of all ages, from 10.00 to 18.00 every day except Monday.

I’m honored to be the Art Consultant of this architectural building which I believe to be a first by being a living gallery and I would like to express my thanks firstly to Odunpazari Mayor Adv. Kazim Kurt who have offered all kinds of opportunities and to all the staff who have worked nonstop day and night. With my wishes for the Odunpazari City’s Fire Ceramic Gallery to be a gift to our beautiful Eskisehir…


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