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Making design and technology an essential element of life, the E.C.A. Serel Rita Series is standing out with its’ features enhancing the user experience and the fresh breeze it brings.

Offering a product range harmonizing with bathroom furnitures for users who are dreaming of a modern and fresh look, the SEREL Rita Series’s every part is dazzling with their minimal designs. Offering total solutions for bathrooms, SEREL Rita Series makes an elegant look possible with its’ product range comprising of over-the-counter sink, wall-hung toilet, hanger, toilet paper holder and soap dish.

The over-the-counter sink is a standing out member of bathrooms with its’ design of prominent cornered lines, and provides superior durability thanks to its’ 100 percent acrylic structure. The smooth surface of the product prevents bacterial growth and offers easy cleaning opportunity to bring hygiene to top levels in bathrooms. With its’ innovational style, the over-the-counter sink features harmonization with space decoration and its’ refined design language challenges the ordinariness.

Another unique part of the series, the wall-hung toilets contributes to the water-saving thanks to its’ feature of being able to be cleaned with less water. With the integrated toilet faucet placed in the toilets, it serves for personal hygiene along with ergonomy. The toilets in the series are optionally yielding with the Hygiene Plus application, the innovative silver ion technology. This way, it makes hygiene sustainable in the bathrooms. The practical structure of the toilets by means of cleaning, offers superior comfort to its’ user. Featuring the highly practical and easily attachable and detachable Serel Easy Release and slow closing, the Serel Soft Close lids are enhancing the user experience.

One of the dazzling accessories of the SEREL Rita series, the hangers, the toilet paper hangers with shelf and the soap dishes complements the integrity in the bathrooms. The accessories in the SEREL Rita Series with a wide product range suiting every design and taste, warrants problem-free use with its’ 100 percent brass and stainless steel material structure. The products displays a gracious look with their elegant style and easy mounting and bring elegancy to modern bathrooms with the classy stance from the chrome.


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