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We have lost a valuable person, Yildiz Sima, who supported young ceramic artists and selflessly contributed to the ceramic art in Turkey. The loss of ceramic artist, sculptor and painter Yildiz Sima caused great sadness in the art community.

Yildiz Sima, who was the founder of the Golden Jug Ceramic Competition with her husband Halim Sima, passed away. The death of Sima, who was also a ceramic artist, caused great sadness in the ceramics world. Her fans gathered to bid farewell to Yıldız Sima for the last time at the ceremony held at the Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum Kulturpark Art Gallery on December 17. Sima's body was removed from Alsancak Hocazade Mosque following the noon prayer and she was buried in Bornova Hacilar Rural Cemetery.

Yildiz Sima and her husband Halim Sima started the Golden Jug Ceramic Competition, which has been organized by the Izmir Rotary Club since 1991, in order to support ceramic art and artists in the early years. Over time, participation in the competition increased in number and quality; since its inception, more than 2500 artists have participated, the works of 1700 artists have been exhibited, and approximately 700 artists have received awards. Some artists who participated in the Golden Jug during their student years or at the beginning of their careers and received awards also became jury members of the competition during this period. Speaking at the award ceremony of the Golden Jug, which was held for the 17th time this year, Yıldız Sima said that it was the biggest wish of the Izmir Rotary Club members and herself that the competition would continue to live in memory of Halim Sima, who passed away in 2014, and that the Golden Jug family would keep this competition alive forever.


Aysegul Turedi Ozen: 

“I learned with great sadness the news of the death of my dear Mrs. Yildiz. I personally witnessed the endless efforts of her late husband, Halim Sima, to continue the Golden Jug Ceramic Competition for years. Shee very much wanted to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic. She wanted to realize the Birdhouse ceramics competition and museum. Thank God, these beautiful wishes came true one by one. She experienced every subject related to ceramics with endless enthusiasm, excitement and love. The first time we met her was the day I came to Izmir to receive the Halim Sima Special Award in the legendary Golden Jug competition. I have loved her very much since the day we met, and I will miss her very much.”

Bingul Basarir:

Some people always take, some always give, some people both take and give. Yildiz Sima was always one of those who gave. We met her in 1975. We were both working for the Painting and Sculpture Museum. We were not from Izmir, but we fell in love with Izmir. In addition to her museum work, she also took care of children. With our joint work, the paintings of fifteen children were placed in the Peace Park in Nebraska for permanent display. Later, we continued to work together in the Rotary Gold Jug Competition. Then, when I suggested that the jury call the young people instead of me, she never gave up on me. While my name was written at the end in some academic environments because I didn’t have title, she used my membership in the International Academy of Ceramics. In addition to her kindness, I cannot help but mention dear Halim Sima. He was a very valuable person. He made great contributions to our art environment. Another thing we have in common with Ms. Yildiz is that we have art-loving and very valuable spouses. God rest their soul. We will never forget them.

Candan Dizdar Terwiel:

“Turkey has lost a leading value with her great contributions to the development of ceramic art and the enthusiasm of young people for this art. We kept in touch with the excitement of the exhibition she would attend until her last day. My condolences to our entire art community, especially our beautiful Izmir.”

Candan Gungor:

“Mrs. Yildiz Sima continued to produce new projects to introduce and popularize ceramics to young people, especially children. In particular, she wanted to organize a ceramics competition in which only a certain age group of children could participate. She wanted Menemen to be a place for ceramic tourism. Mrs. Yildiz was very happy that the establishment of the Ceramic Bird House Museum was started with a competition this year. It is her greatest wish that the Golden Jug Ceramic Competition continues. She was reunited with her husband, Dr. Halim Sima, whom she never stops talking about.”

Cetin Erokay: 

“Her late husband, Dr. Halim Sima and she were very valuable and respected people who made valuable contributions to the social life and artistic life of our city. Yildiz Sima will always live in our memories with her efforts in the love and development of ceramic art in our city and the students she trained. She will always be among us in the city's memory and life with the Golden Jug Ceramic Competition, which she initiated and developed every year and put on an international platform. She left her mark on Izmir.”

Mustafa Agatekin: 

“It was 1992, I participated in the II. Gold Jug Competition as a graduate student. These were the years when I struggled at the beginning of the road, with concerns about the future; I sent two of my works to the competition. I received second place and honorable mention in that competition and gained great motivation for my career journey. This competition, which was held for the 17th time this year, has touched the lives of many young people like me. Two precious people made this possible; I will always remember Halim and Yildiz Sima with gratitude. I hope Izmir will protect its trusts.”

Mustafa Tuncalp:

I met Yildiz and Halim Sima in 1983. She asked me to be in the jury of the Golden Jug Ceramic Competition. It was an honor for me to be in the same jury with Prof. Hamiye Colakoglu. People who studied and practiced ceramic art throughout Turkey participated in this competition with great excitement by creating works. Exhibiting their works and receiving awards were great memories and sources of honor for them. In our conversations in 2023, she would say, "Mustafa, I turned 90, my biggest expectation is to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Republic and to hold the Menemen Birdhouse Competition." She saw and experienced both. She also wanted to open a bird exhibition with me. We postponed it due to her heart disease. I wanted her to embrace life by working in her workshop and encouraging her. Was not fortune. She was a lover of ceramics, kind-hearted, helpful and a true Republican woman. Goodbye dear friend, rest in peace.

Mutlu Baskaya

“We have lost a value of ours who always supports young ceramicists on their path and always tries to selflessly contribute to the art and ceramics field. I am really sad. I met her for the first time in 1996, when I participated in the Golden Jug Competition with my work called "Gift" and received an award, and years later, she invited me to Izmir as a Jury Member of this competition. May she and her husband, who put their hands under the stone and almost devoted their lives to this work to reward and encourage young ceramicists, rest in peace together.”

Nurdan Arslan: “A falling star, Yildiz Sima… We are very sad. I'm sure she met with her late beloved husband, Halim Sima... Two hearts that reached out to good deeds, touched young people, supported the art of ceramics and devoted their lives to charity met. I'm so glad I met these beautiful people.”

Sevim Cizer:

“We were together at the talk of my exhibition last Saturday. This morning, we were waiting for her health news and with hope that she would get through these difficult days... She was a supporter of art and artists until her last moment. She always produced fresh ideas... May dear Yıldız Sima rest in peace…”

Zehra Cobanli:

“I learned with sadness that we lost our dear friend, ceramic artist, and beloved Yildiz Sima, who contributed and supported the ceramic art in Izmir for years, left her mark on the first steps of many ceramic artists for years with the Golden Jug Ceramic Competition she organized with her late husband, Dr. Halim Sima and the Rotary Club. Her services are unforgettable and irreplaceable.”


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