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A ceramic plate set, bought by a New York woman for 8 dollars and actually belonging to Picasso, is sold for 40 thousand dollars, which is about 800 thousand liras.

Thanks to a video shared by Nancy Cavaliere in TikTok a while ago, it turned out how she sold the ceramic plates she bought for bargain price for thousands of dollars.

Ceramic plate from Picasso's "Visage Noir" series (Sotheby’s).

When Cavaliere saw the signature of Picasso under the ceramic plate set that she bought for 8 dollars - each making 1,99 dollars - from a second hand store in New York in 2017, she has got the intuition that these plates are special. But it's unlikely for this artwork belonging to the most famous artist of all time, to be sold for such a cheap price. However, as she investigate she concluded that the plates are actually from the "Visage Noir" series of Picasso; she also made it confirmed by experts from auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Christies and Bonhams. Experts estimated that each one of the hand-painted plates would be sold for 3-5 thousand dollars. But Cavaliere’s gain would be a few times more than this; next year three of the four plates were sold to Sotheby for 12, 13 and 16 thousand dollars. And the fourth piece is being kept in a safe. Cavaliere is planning to sell the plate in 20 years and give the money to her daughter to let her travel Europe.

Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall in the ceramic workshop in Vallauris, 1948 © Sud Ouest

Laying the foundations of Cubism together with Georges Braque, the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso has also created numerous ceramic artworks. Born in Malaga which has a rooted tradition about ceramics and he learned to make pottery in his childhood. Picasso began to get interested in ceramics again after his 65 and created plenty number of unique pieces also with their editions. Visage Noir series is among these works.


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