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With its’ 2023 theme of “capped pot”, the hanterra ceramic competition is concluded. Organized for the second time this year by hanterra, the competition’s goal is to remind the importance of genuineness and quality in the design and production of functional hand-made ceramics.

hanterra ceramic competition is aiming to remind the importance of a good design, being genuine and a quality production; encourage the hand-made ceramic works that shows what can be done with ceramics and reflects creativity and imagination; reward the ceramicist’s time spend in creation process, his/her labor, attention, imagination and thoughts.

The competition is open to everyone living in Turkey and interested in ceramics and is organized with the sponsorship of Sibelco, Colorobbia Art, Valentine Clays and Mars Ceramic Kilns.

Gungor Guner [Turkey], Elif Aydogdu Agatekin [Turkey], Mieke Montagne [Netherlands], Tuba Onder Demircioglu [Turkey] and Evandro Gabrieli [Italy] took place in the jury of the competition this year. Jury members evaluated the connection of the works with the theme, their suitability for their function, their ergonomic features, the design genuineness, the artistic creativity and the technical qualities of the production and specified the works to be granted an award.

In conclusion to the evaluation made, Ferit Cihat Sertkaya won the achievement award and Simge Okudur, Murat Kafesogullari and Eda Girgin won the mention award. 32 works of 30 participants were deemed worthy to be exhibited. Other authors who won the exhibition award are: Erman Aksoy, Banu Aktekin, Ilyas Arapoglu, Beril Arikan, Betul Aytepe Serinsu, Sena Bariskan, Sirin Berberoglu, Emel Bozkurt, Sueda Can, Oznur Cakal Demirhan, Nurgin Cetin Almali, Kamer Erdogan, Ilayda Ergun, S. Handan Ertuz, Can Deniz Guven, Deniz Hur, Nurbanu Ilhan, Dilan Koc, Seckin Muti, Sule Ongor, Aliye Sain, Ayca Sertkaya, Zeynep Sipahi Izci, Burcu Sucaglar, Senay Serifoglu, Asli Torun Erbengi, Zeynep Uyanik, Sibel Yesil, Mustafa Emir Yilanci, Tamer Yigit.

Ferit Cahit Sertkaya Murat Kafesogullari Eda Girgin Simge Okudur

(Achievement Award) (Mention Award) (Mention Award) (Mention Award)

The competition’s exhibition is organized in the Jeanne D’Arc Exhibition and Concert Hall of the Private Saint Michel French High School between 12th February – 19th February. Awarded works can be viewed online at

Founded to bring a new perspective to the ceramic sector and with the goal of being of good quality and innovational, hanterra brings domestic and foreign manufacturers known for their world-wide quality and introduced some of the best ceramic materials to Turkish ceramic artists. Along with ceramic material sale, it also aims to put its’ signature to many innovations regarding ceramic art.


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